Hey babes. So I decided that I am going to re-open this blog...finally! I have been hella lazy over the past couple of months with dis thang but that's only because I have been hella busy with other thangs. The story: the other day I was showing this blog to my co intern at Karen Walker, Amanda from Wisconsin (I call her Wisconsin, she down) and she said "why don't you start it again..?" and I said "oh okay, I will." THAT'S IT. Seriously. I'm THAT easy to persuade ;)

Good news though, I've decided that I am going to spread myself far and wide (thinly? NO. thickly? YES) across all bases. Basically I think that street style blogging is kinda done to death (duh)..so i'm opening up this bad boy to a whole new realm of possibilities! Who knows where it will take me? (maybe HELL.)

Stay tuned for sexi gossip, cheeky'n'hot'n'wild photos, fashion, music, film and probably some cat things too. Good animal.

Welcome Back.

Love Brett (board) Archibald Bevege (move)




I haven't updated in quite a while!! Reason being lack of camera equipment (I use cameras from uni due to lack of ca$h) and bizziness. Hopefully I will be able to get some sick new pics up soon. STAY TUNED.



Bianca 14.10.09

Erica 14.10.09, originally uploaded by blackbananas.

Whoops! Sorry for the lack of posts for the past few weeks...thanks for nothing final uni assessment!

Anyway, this is Erica..she's a rad chick. Enjoy x


Allanah 12.10.09

Allanah 12.10.09, originally uploaded by blackbananas.

Zilla 12.10.09

Zilla 12.10.09, originally uploaded by blackbananas.

OH MY GOD, Zilla!


Sara 28.09.09

Sara 28.09.09, originally uploaded by blackbananas.

Sara is a really amazing student/blogger/sick chick in general...check out her blog Harper & Harley

Nadia 28.09.09

Nadia 28.09.09, originally uploaded by blackbananas.

Who's that girl, where did she come from?
Who's that girl, where can I get one?